Virtual Servers

For complete Internet service!

You will have your own registered domain name (DNS) and IP address. Your Home Page address will appear as “”, not a long extension of another company. It will appear to your customers as if you have your own dedicated connection!
Your pages will be accessed with a TWO high speed Full DS3 Fiber Optic Connections to the Internet. Having two DS3 connections is like having the equivalent of 52 T1 lines.
You can receive unlimited hits and unlimited transfers to and from your page per month without extra billing charges!
You will have access to your own Virtual server to create your own custom configuration. With your own data files, your server will log events to your log directory enabling you to access accounting summaries and generate reports on who is coming to your Website and what they are viewing.
Unlimited technical support available via e-mail from [email protected].
Prices – Server 1
  Price $59 per month with $75 setup
  Netscape Compatible Encryption Support $20 add. per month w/ $350 add. setup
  Additional Disk Space $20.00 per additional 20 meg per month
Description: HTML support, unlimited E-mail aliasing, E-mail POP Server, FTP site.
Use: The perfect server for those who want to setup a full Internet site complete with POP mailboxes and an FTP site.
Size: 75 Meg